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your cat and other pets

Your Cat and other Pets

Introducing your pets.

When you bring your cat home, you can try leaving her in the carrier so your other pets can first smell the new cat, without feeling confronted.

Watch both your cat and your other pets, giving them all individual attention to reassure them that they are special to you. When you introduce the, they may initially experience fear or jealousy. Keep their food and beds separate.

Always supervise your new cat with your other pets , to make sure they are safe, before leaving them alone together. If there is any sign of aggression, separate them immediately.

Within a couple of weeks they should adapt to one another and start showing curious interest. Eventually, you can encourage them to eat, sleep and play with their toys in closer proximity.

Benefits of a Cat Tree when keeping Multiple Pets

Cats rely on such trees to play, exercise and such elevated areas offer them with a sense of security when they climb them should something scare them on the ground, for example your pet dog.

A cat tree will offer safety and a sense of security to the timid cats. This is because she will have a visual advantage over any threats as she is able to view them from a vantage position. The timid cat will also find it comfortable to stay in the room for longer times while on the tree rather than venture out where she can get scared then scamper for safety under the sofas or under the bed.

When you keep more than one cat, a cat tree becomes a necessity rather than just a piece of luxury for your pets.

Encourage peaceful coexistence between the cats

When you have multiple cats in the same room, they will always confront one another in order to mark their territories. The confrontation will in most cases end up in a cat fight. During such fights, the superior cat will look for high perches where she will prefer to jump rather than engage in a physical fight. Therefore cat trees will ensure harmony in the house when such fights break out as the superior cat will simply jump on the tree and avoid the confrontation.

Easy sharing

There are always problems when cats have to share perching places. The superior cat will want to have either the window sledge or the refrigerator exclusive to themselves. But with cat trees, all the cats will have their perches according to their superiority. This will make them enjoy staying close to one another.

There are other benefits of having a cat tree for your cats. The trees not only provide perching places for the cat but they can also be used as scratching posts and provide the cat with an alternative place to scratch rather than damage the carpets and the sofa sets.

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