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litter training cat

Litter Training your Cat

Easy Steps to Litter Train you Kitten

One of the most annoying and irritating habits cats do have is to go about house soiling everywhere within the home. This is a very poor pet habit and can be attributed to lack of litter training the cat at the appropriate time. But the good news is that this habit is reversible and given that cats are generally easy to train, the habit can be changed without much effort. Use the steps bellow for giving litter box training to your cat.

Get the necessary items

The first item you need for this training is an appropriate litter box. It is advisable that you get a bigger box even if you have a kitten because the cat will soon outgrow a smaller box and you may need to train them on using a new litter box. Secondly, get a kitty litter that is free from any perfumes and have minimal amount of dust. This is so as not to irritate the lungs of the kitten. You will also need a scooper for removing the litter from the box and a drop cloth where you will place litter box.

Introducing the cat to the litter box

The next step in the litter box training is to get the cat to use the litter box. You need to place the litter box in an easily accessible place and without a lot of traffic. Suitable places include the laundry rooms or even a second bathroom if available. With the litter box in position, place the cat inside it for a few times every day. Try as much as possible to make them spend time in the litter box. You can place them there when they wake up, while giving them food, when you see them squirting etc. The idea is to make them feel comfortable with the box so they can start littering in the box.

Hygiene of the litter box

Cats are naturally clean animals and they will not enjoy using the litter box if it’s not clean. Make it a habit of removing the cat litter every time the cat soils in the box and wash it regularly while changing the kitty litter each time.

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