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keep cat happy

Tips to Keep your Cat Happy

Keep your Cat Happy With the Following Tips

Cats are playful animals by nature but there are instances when they get gloomy and really bored. This happens when you when you go to work and leave them alone or when you initially separate them from their mother and siblings  after they have used to being together. Your cat can easily become bored or they can get lonely.

Separation anxiety is one of them and if the loneliness is not countered, it can affect their emotional health as well as physical health and make them fall ill. Use the following tips to ensure that your cat is active all the time and does not suffer from boredom.

Treat Balls

To keep your cat busy with something that will offer them endless fan when you are away, fill up treat balls with a treat they enjoy then strategically place them in an open place. When you get back in the evening, be sure to expect none of the treats left in the balls and you can also bet that your cat had lots of fun playing and exercising.


Catnip is another great toy you can use to stop your cat from getting bored. You can buy different varieties and place them in different areas around the house. It is a good idea to have them in varieties so that when a cat gets bored with using one, she can turn on to a new one which they haven’t tried on that day. This will break the boredom and keep them more active throughout the day.

Cat trees and Scratch posts

Cat trees will offer your cat with a place to perch and generally a good resting place. This will make them stay indoors for most of the times sleeping, resting or playing on the tree. Scratch posts will also give them somewhere to scratch when they feel like and they will avoid scratching the furniture or the carpets. All this will keep the cat occupied and reduce chances of them getting bored.

Food and Water

Always leave bowl of fresh water and some extra food in case they become hungry.
To avoid ants, put the food bowl in a slightly wider shallow dish with water. Specially designed bowls are also available with an extra rim for water.

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