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new cat

How to Prepare for a New Cat

Choosing your Cat

Cats make wonderful companions and become like a family member.

Familiarise yourself with the different cat breeds to enable you choose the right cat that you want. Decide whether you want to go for the pure breeds or the mixed breeds. Pure breeds are more expensive and will generally require a lot of care as opposed to the mixed breeds. Gorgeous cats can also be found at your local cat rescue shelter.

You also need to decide if you need a mature cat or a kitten. There are merits and demerits of taking both and you should know all these in advance.

Place you cat in a special pet carrier bag or cage with blankets and some cat treats, to make her trip ‘home’ as comfortable as possible.

Make sure your cat has a health check at your local veterinary clinic, is vaccinated and wormed. They should provide you with a ‘reminder’ card.

How to Prepare for a New Cat

Its important to prepare a nurturing environment for your new friend, so, there are some considerations you need to make before you finally bring ‘her’ home. This will ensure that you are ready to welcome and be able to accord her with the good care she deserves.
Firstly. Prepare a special place in your home for your cat, setting up her litter box and a comfy spot or cat bed for her to sleep.

Secondly, prepare some basic grooming tools, making sure you have flea and tick control for her comfort, also protecting your home from unwanted pests.

Remember, cats are very playful and they will be happy if you give them cat toys, things to scratch, bite and climb.

Having this prepared before you bring the cat home will make it easy for both of you to enjoy one another’s company when you begin your life together.

A new member of the family

Consider whether you have other pets at home. Remember, if you won’t give your cat the attention she requires, then she may suffer from cat jealousy and get withdrawn away from you. This might affect her emotional health as well as physical health.

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